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Selling My Wife's Secrets


My wife’s secrets taste of honey… At first, it was for money, but…
I got excited digging for secrets… Just what is this lust…!?
I want to know… the wife I don’t know.

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Nkt Vkna 09:47 - 04/21/2021
cuck kys
Nkt Vkna 10:04 - 04/22/2021
holy shit depressing ass woman's a manipulator, should hang herself, boyfriend's a retard might as well khms and that's it
arion 11:29 - 04/22/2021
husband tryin to sell his wife secrets but didn't think the secrets would be this big damn both husband and wife made a mistake but the wife i hate her so much it's so fucked up
arion 11:30 - 04/22/2021
the wife tho i hate her to the cores and the husband trying to sell her secrets get to know all this I'm not saying he did the right thibg either but I'm glad he found out
arion 00:28 - 05/02/2021
author i hope you make the wife hang herself in the end
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