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Rise of The Demon King


The young Xiao Lang awakened with a Divine Spirit, but the others believed it to be a useless one. He was ridiculed by everyone and some even sent assassins after him, thus forcing him to leave his clan. From then on, he surpassed his limits and attained unimaginable strength! “If the Heavens restrict me, then I shall break the Heavens!"

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Abdul Wazed Rifat 12:40 - 06/09/2019
why isn't the chapter loading for this manga?
Aimee Harding 05:39 - 05/27/2021

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Delton Williams 09:07 - 05/07/2021 Chap 67
Ch 67 won't load
Amanda Goings 19:54 - 05/23/2021 Chap 4
I'm so confused, how the hell did he end up in a Coliseum.
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