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Mom Swap


“I’m gonna have sex with your mom now.” The night I swapped mom’s with my best friend.
I heard her being assaulted over the phone…

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Nkt Vkna 05:35 - 04/21/2021
kys son
retard 17:21 - 04/30/2021
the son pretty much rapes his "best friends mom" so he rapes the guys mom that rapes his mom and then the sons mom that got raped first has sex with her son and then her son realises he is in love with his mom and then the mom of the son who raped his "best friends" mom now enjoys having sex with the son who raped her and the son who is now in love with his mom fucks her in the ass multiple times while she being forced to have sex with the "best friend" of her son. In other words this is a mess of rape and blackmail sex
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