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Empress of Another World


Empress of Another World manga summary: Crossing over into another world and time after a freak accident, Korean highschool girl Sabina is taken in by a duke of the Crentia kingdom— only to soon be offered up to the ugly old emperor as a concubine. When the king is killed by a mysterious assassin, Sabina must face the poisonous circle of other candidates in a battle for the royal seat. Can she attract the loyalty and affection of the men and women she needs on her side to survive?

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Empress of Another World Chap 130
Empress of Another World Chap 131
Empress of Another World Chap 132
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HeeDa One 00:33 - 04/20/2021
I don't know what is the problem with this manhwa but it cannot be 7nload and read.
HeeDa One 19:31 - 05/16/2021 Chap 1
why did nothing come out when I open this manga? plis fix this anyone ??
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